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At Tólma you will find original essays of philosophy, series, courses, and readings of philosophical texts. Why? You live in an age of deception, and you need ideas to get through it. You live in a sick culture, and you yearn for health of spirit. Nietzsche taught that philosophy was only helpful in a healthy culture, in a sick culture however, it makes even sicker. Why? Because thought is downstream from the life doing the thinking. And if the worst among men lay hold of culture, you will be granted the worst of thoughts. Luckily, we have the possibility to form alternative cultures, untainted by the lies of the world, where thought is still in the service of life. Tólma is such a place. Here you will find ideas that strengthen, that give life, “to bring to light what we must ever love and honour and what no subsequent enlightenment can take away: great individual human beings.” (Nietzsche, Philosophy in the Tragic Age of the Greeks)

We do philosophy for the future. But in order to do so, we must go back to the greatest philosophers of the past. We re-vitalise the sources, in order to divine a more vital future.  

It is my belief that our thoughts cannot be separated from our lives. The lives we live, determine the thoughts we’ll have. And the thoughts we have, determine the lives we’ll live. If we are interested in finding the truth, then we must be interested in transforming our lives. We must be interested in all methods of transforming our minds, bodies, and Souls. We must be interested in health, in contemplation, in physical training. The Ancient philosophers knew this, and hence why philosophy was once a ‘way of life’, and not just a theoretical exercise. If we are interested in the truth, we must ask ourselves: what can philosophy, as a way of life, mean for us?

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