I post commentaries and readings of philosophical texts, ranging from Ancient to contemporary philosophy, mixed in with the occasional original article. The guiding question of my research is the one that Heidegger phrased so eloquently: "What is called Thinking?" We often pride ourselves on our knowledge of all sorts of things, but we hardly know what it means to think. It is this humbling question that drives me to question what it means to do philosophy, and to ask what it is that is most worth thinking about. This question pertains not only to fact, but also to value. My readings try to balance scholarly exegesis and the effort to make the history of philosophy useful for everyday life. I think we can all agree that our times are in dire need of better thoughts. Besides philosophy, I have a deep passion for strength training and all efforts pertaining to the strengthening of body and soul. So you can expect the occasional article on these matters, how they are relevant to philosophy, and how philosophy is relevant to them.

Currently, my main interests in the history of philosophy are in 20th century French vitalism, and Ancient philosophy of the Platonic tradition.

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